CANARIE, Canada’s advanced Network development organization, is a not-for-profit corporation supported by its members, project partners and the Federal Government. Since 1993, CANARIE has received more that $350 million from the Government of Canada. That funding has been used for the research and implementation of advanced networks and applications that stimulate economic growth and increase Canada’s international competitiveness. CAnet 4 is the fourth generation of Canada’s research and education network. CANARIE’s mission is to accelerate Canada’s advanced network development and use by facilitating the widespread adoption of faster, more efficient networks and by enabling the next generation of advanced products, applications and services to run on them.

CANARIE is providing R&D funding for the ScienceStudio project.

Canadian Light Source
Canadian Light Source

The CLS facility, operated by Canadian Light Source Inc., is a national science research laboratory for the production of high brightness synchrotron light from the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet to x-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum. CLS is a third-generation light source facility, established as Canada’s National Synchrotron Laboratory, and is accessible to researchers from the academic, government, and private sectors.

The Canadian Light Source is contributing to the development of requirements, system design, implementation and deployment for ScienceStudio.

Concordia University
Concordia University

Concordia University’s academic culture celebrates research, creativity, and the transfer of knowledge in many ways that ideal for today’s innovation driven society. Within this context, Concordia researchers are making important contributions toward understanding, adapting to, and shaping the social, cultural and technological transformations taking place worldwide.

The Computer Science and Software Engineering Department is contributing to the design and implementation of ScienceStudio. The professors and the graduate students are going to contribute their experiences and research results to build ScienceStudio into a reusable platform based on Service Oriented Architecture. Projects like ScienceStudio are rich sources for teaching and research practices within the department.

University of Western Ontario
University of Western Ontario

The VESPERS Group at the University of Western Ontario has scientists and graduate students engaged in basic and applied research projects involving the VESPERS beamline at CLS as well as surface science and microscopy techniques available at UWO. Assistance is also provided to new clients of the VESPERS beamline who wish to access it remotely through the  Scitence Studio platform


SHARCNET is a consortium of colleges and universities in a "cluster of clusters" of high performance computers, linked by advanced fibre optics. The SHARCNET community consists of 17 academic institutions in Ontario who are bound by an Institutional Operating Agreement, administered by The University of Western Ontario. The consortium brings together the strength of leading institutions, their cutting-edge research programs and highly qualified personnel to facilitate a collaborative environment that is unparalleled in Canada.

SHARCNET is founded on an academic-industry partnership, which brings together these leading institutions with world-leading technology providers, to provide SHARCNET’s pool of outstanding researchers with extensive collaborative opportunities and access to leading-edge computational infrastructure.  We aim to:

  • Accelerate the production of research results to meet the needs of researchers and industry partners in today's competitive fast-paced academic and business environments
  • Attract and retain the best students, researchers and companies by providing cutting edge computational expertise and hardware
  • Link academic researchers and corporate partners in a search for new business opportunities

SHARCNET is contributing to the development of high performance computing applications for Science Studio and related facilities


IBM Canada is a key contributor to the Canadian economy through significant R&D investment, job creation, use of Canadian suppliers and extensive participation in university research programs. IBM Canada is one of the country's largest R&D investors, contributing $334 million dollars (Cdn) in 2004. Our export revenue for the same year was $1.7 billion (Cdn). At year end 2004, IBM Canada and its wholly-owned subsidiaries employed some 20,000 regular full-time and part-time people across the country.

IBM is contributing to the development of the system architecture for ScienceStudio.