FOXMAS( Fast Online X-ray Micro-diffraction Analysis Services) provide fast online services of X-ray micro-diffraction data analysis and result visualizations. Designed to be accessed through Science Studio, users can input their analysis parameters and submit data analysis requests through a web interface. Processing result results can be viewed online through web browsers and also can be downloaded through Science Studio. The user guide can be found at here.

Analysis Online Analysis

The analysis will then be conducted by HPC facilities located at The University of Western Ontario. The calculation algorithem for the analysis was based on previous IDL software packages, such as the old 3D X-ray Microdiffraction Analysis Software Package and XMAS. FOXMAS currently runs on a cluster of quad-core and duo-core blades and uses IBM InfoSphere Streams to achieve streaming processing on the incoming XRD images.

FOXMAS can handle multiple users data analysis requests concurrently, and these requests could come from various beamline locations (such as ALS and CLS) and with different priorities. Users data analysis requests are scheduled and handled by a IBM WebSphere MQ server, which is also located at UWO. Using the computational power of such a cluster, especially the streaming processing, the accelerated analysis can reach speeds of up to 60 times faster than a desktop using the regular IDL software package, depending on the size of the images and the number of computation nodes used on the cluster.

FOXMAS currently supports analysis of X-ray Micro-diffraction data collected from various X-ray area detectors, including Princeton CCD X-ray detector, MAR 133 CCD detector and DECTRIS Pilatus 1M Pixel array detector.

FOXMAS provides general functions for X-ray Micro-diffraction data analysis, including peak searching, indexing and strain refinement. To further enhance the analysis results, FOXMAS has also adopted some additional functions from XMAS, including background subtraction and re-indexing (i.e. fit missing peaks).

Mapping Results Mapping

In addition to the high performance online analysis of the data, FOXMAS also provides online mapping services to enable users to visualize the analysis results with various maps for the sample area from which X-ray micro-diffraction data has been collected, such as grain orientation maps, strain tensor maps, etc.