The goal of the ANISE Project is to develop a high speed network that would process and interpret large blocks of data flowing at high rates (up to 10 terabytes per day) from synchrotrons in Canada and the US. The near real-time process would enable users to respond within minutes to the experimental output, either by feeding back new experimental inputs or by using the result to make decisions about time-sensitive materials issues under study. The expected result is vastly increased and more efficient use of these laboratories by industrial and academic researchers around the world.

This will be the first use of stream processing hardware and software to interpret high data rate experiments involving advanced synchrotrons where processing technology has previously not been able to keep up with the productivity of the device. The work will spread the use of the Science Studio platform to synchrotrons in the US and beyond. Canada will benefit from its leading role as developer of Science Studio and ANISE technologies through the expansion of technical services to a growing number of industrial sectors that would benefit from high speed response to large data streams.